Note to Self: Read the Fine Print

This morning I got all excited about a rummage sale I was going to visit before church.  Had my tote and my cash and was hoping to do some “picking” for my store. What I discovered when I got there is that I hadn’t read the fine print of the sale announcement…the sale was focused on items for babies and young children. Aargh!

Big disappointment, but I still went in with some hope.  Maybe, just maybe, I could find some vintage toy. Maybe a cool tin truck or wooden toy.  As I did a quick loop around the gym, I realized it was all used baby clothes, plastic toys made in China, car seats, diapers.  A waste of time.

But then I noticed a seller who had “normal” stuff. A couple of vases, some framed prints, a rack of vintage women’s clothes and then I saw the shoes… a pair of gently used Donald Pliner pointy-toe mules with a kitten heel in burgundy paisley.  Oh jeez, just the kind of thing I wear. And they were my size. And they fit.


I asked the seller what she wanted for the shoes. She said $20. “Would you take $15?” She thought for a few seconds and said “okay” a tad reluctantly.  (But honestly, the crowd coming in the door were pregnant women and young families… not the best audience for a pair of totally nonsense, totally gorgeous shoes.) And you might be thinking, where will you wear these shoes?  And I’m thinking anywhere I want.

So the trip was redeemed, but I learned a lesson…read the fine print!



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