The Best Part of Yard Sale Day

Today was “Citywide Yard Sale Day” in my city. A great deal all around… sellers get free publicity for their sale, buyers get to hunt for “treasures” and the landfills don’t get as much stuff.

In preparation for this day, I went through the long list of household addresses for those who were participating (over 200) and the codes that delineated what they were selling. I immediately ruled out any with primarily baby supplies, toys, electronic devices and worn (but not vintage) clothes.  Not my thing.  I focused on those selling antiques and books. With cash in hand, the support of my oldest daughter, we headed out at 8:00 on a sunny Saturday morning.

Here’s our SCORECARD for the 10 garage sales we visited:

  • a sturdy, attractive basket: $3 for home use (love it with magazines, but hope to fill it with pine cones in the winter)
  • a vintage (working) crockpot: $2 for college-bound daughter
  • a never-used hand blender: $5 for same daughter or home
  • 7 misc books: 50 cents to $1.00, including a vintage poetry book for my Esty store, one to replace a book I loaned to a friend but never got back, and two for gifts
  • pretty vintage Weiss rhinestone earrings I’m going to sell.

Though I am happy with what we bought (and we got some nice stuff), here’s the thing: everyone we talked to was SO nice and it was SUCH a beautiful morning and it was SO fun hanging out with my daughter and I realized, “This is the BEST part of the yard sale day.”



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