Maybe I’m Smart, Maybe I’m Not…

I was inspired a few days ago to “open” an Etsy store (Second Life Books) devoted to old books. Well, I love books and reading and it seemed like a good fit.  I already have about 40-50 vintage books that I can list, but I realized I’ll need to keep buying if I want to make the store a success. So I placed a WANTED: OLD BOOKS ad on Craigslist.

Now, I’ve had NO success selling on Craigslist so I placed this WANTED ad with a “what the hell” attitude. I had no expectations. None.

house in Hayward

A house with books…

So I was pleasantly surprised when someone contacted me!  Bruce.  Turns out he is emptying out his parents’ house.  They are both deceased.  They have about 200 books left…old novels and cookbooks that he’d like to sell.

Well fine I thought. Maybe placing the ad on Craigslist was a smart move. Anyway I figure it’s worth taking a look at the books though their house is about 20 miles away across a bridge in a city that’s as foreign to me as Baghdad!

Bruce and I arranged a day and time and he gave me the address. I looked it up online and the house looks nice.  I could imagine a sweet, older couple living there.

And then it occurred to me. This is not perhaps the smartest thing to do…go to a strange city to a strange house and meet up with a strange person by yourself. Though every bone in my body says this is just what it seems to be…a guy trying to sell some of his parents’ stuff. A sad situation really. One I have been in with some of my relatives.

So I may talk someone into coming with me or maybe just head out on Saturday by myself and trust that this is just a good opportunity for me to buy some cool, old books and hopefully bless Bruce in the process with a little cash and help emptying out his parents’ house.

Haven’t decided!  What would you do??



  1. Last year I wanted to buy a used wrought iron patio set that a guy had in a storage unit out on a stretch of highway outside of town. He posted a picture and seemed friendly enough in email, but when I looked at his email I noticed his name was Rob, his middle name started with an A and his last name was something that had Per in it, so his email address started with RAPER. I was sure it was a sign from the Universe, but instead of canceling I dragged my husband along. I’m glad I did, we needed two cars! Otherwise a totally nice guy.


    1. Hi TrixiesMom! Thanks for sharing this story. I’m glad you ending up bringing your husband along!! I think my 20-year-old daughter is going to come along with me, though I really think he’s going to turn out to be a totally nice guy too! 🙂


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