Craigslist Day … or Time to Do Some Picking

Here’s the story:

Bruce had responded to my WANTED: BOOKS ad on Craigslist, but when he told me he was emptying out his deceased parents’ house, I let him know I was also interested in household items. We had set up a day and time for me to come to the house and when I arrived, Bruce (60s, long gray ponytail, chain smoker) gave me the tour.

The house exuded a ‘70s vibe. Shag carpeting.  Paneling.  Wild wallpaper.  Tons of mass-produced collectibles. And also a lot of dust, dirt, mildew, animal hair and odor…the kind found in a house that hasn’t been lived in for two years … or cleaned during that time.

Unfortunately, that type of environment does not bode well for books.  There were quite a few I had to turn down because the condition was poor, but I still found 18 that I wanted, including a good number of unusual cookbooks. (For some reason quirky cookbooks always pique my interest.)

Bruce also pointed out various small items that he thought I might like and gave me free rein to poke around.  After 90 minutes of searching I had a small pile of goodies, and even though I still have on “training wheels” when it comes to the art of negotiation, I think I did okay.  I knew Bruce was pretty motivated to shift some of this stuff.

Here are a few of the finds that I’ll be putting in my Etsy stores…two pristine mid-century ashtrays, a hand painted black tole tray and a “Glamour Magazine” cookbook from 1951!

Perhaps my most poignant find was a cookbook Bruce had given to his mom for Valentine’s Day in 1954.  I may keep this one!

So, it turned out to be a lot of fun and Bruce was a cool dude.  He ended up making a little money and I ended up with some new inventory for my stores. 

So it was all good!

What about you?  Had any good picking experiences?? Any fabulous finds??


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