Estate Sale Bust

I’ll just say that Atherton is a posh city.  I mean, really posh. So when the estate sale firm listed a 3-day-dale at an Atherton home, I knew, before even looking at the preview
photos, that there would be GOOD STUFF and LOTS of it


Miniature toby jug with the books I bought.

I made sure I got there early on the first day and was #12 on the list. (Yeah!) But when the doors opened, it was hard to know where to start. There were EIGHT rooms full of stuff to peruse!

Thankfully adrenalin kicked me into high gear. I ignored the heaps of china and huge lots of crystal. Likewise I ignored the crush of women around the jewelry displays. I honed in on the older, unique things that were scattered throughout the house. I saw a cool, very old top hat with a leather carrying case but it had a price tag of $700. (Could that be right?) Darn. I found a fun ’40s ceramic creamer and I thought, “Here we go.” But it was priced at $32. With no maker’s mark on it, that’s MORE than I would have listed it for in my store. Humph. A vintage Dior coat tucked away in the closet was priced at $50.  On and on it went for every item I wanted.

It soon dawned on me that everything was priced at “antique store prices” or nearly so.  There was no way I was going to make money on anything.

After just 20 minutes of looking, I called it quits.

“My haul” included just four books for my bookstore and a few inexpensive things I plan on keeping…a funky brass Indian box with turquoise stones (that my 17-year-old daughter fancies) and a rather ridiculous miniature toby mug for $3 that was too cute to resist and reminded me of a teeny, tiny blue mug my oldest daughter made for me.

The woman ahead of me in the checkout line had a bill of $615.  Mine was considerably less. And I have to admit as I drove away I felt disappointed. Really disappointed. I had hoped to find a bunch of good stuff for my store for the holidays. This great Atherton sale was a bust for me. But as I neared home I was reminded of the immortal words of Scarlet O’Hara: “After all, tomorrow is another day.”


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