Rubbing Shoulders

By nature I am not an outgoing person. I tend toward quietness and am happy to be in the background. BUT. But I am  discovering that one of the FUN happenstances of buying and selling stuff is meeting new people and striking up conversations.

This happens while waiting in lines for estate sales to open, at yard sales with homeowners and with folks I’ve met through Craigslist ads. And some of those moments are stellar: the sun is shining, I have a steaming Peet’s coffee in hand, and I am engaged in an interesting conversation. Through these small interactions I’ve learned that Bruce’s wife is producing “Joseph and Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in Yiddish, Tom took a great trip to England this year and Sam, a radiologist, was starting a new job. (Good stuff!)

Yes, I LOVE that picking is opening up my world and that I’m getting to rub shoulders with different people, from different walks of life.  A good happenstance and one
I recommend!

Here are a few of the eclectic things I’ve bought recently as I’ve rubbed shoulders!  I couldn’t resist the juxtaposition of the two books.

Available at my stores Lion & Lamb Vintage and Second Life Books.


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