Next Time, I’ll Be There!

Photo by Krausse Estate Liquidation.

A preview photo showing a desk loaded with vintage goodies.

For the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to get to any of the local estate sales.  Well, two of the sales were too high end for me— Waterford crystal, precious Oriental vases and huge lots of sterling silver flatware. Just not my thing.

But one sale, just a town over, had a lot of cool, vintage stuff. Here’s just one photo showing office supplies from the ‘60s, binoculars with a leather case, old radios and bakelite clocks. The stuff of everyday life once upon a time and stuff you could still use today.

I was itching to go to that one.  Salivating really!  (You know the feeling!) I could picture a lot of this stuff in my store. But I couldn’t get out of work. It was my one day in the office (I work mostly from home) and meetings were scheduled. Sigh! And though I really, REALLY longed to go to the sale, the truth of it is, I still have plenty of stuff to list in my store without buying one more thing…stuff from previous sales, personal collections and inherited bits I no longer want.

And here’s another truth, even though my buying and selling is still just a hobby, I realized I really SHOULD spend time tracking the profit and loss for all this stuff.  So I bit the bullet this weekend.  My husband helped me set up an Excel spreadsheet and I spent hours entering all the data: item cost, actual postage cost and all fees (listing, transaction, payment), price sold and postage charged. So far I’ve completed the spreadsheet for my 5-month-old bookstore but I’m dreading doing the one for my other store, Lion & Lamb Vintage, which has had over 100 sales and many more items. Aack. Why did I wait so long to do this?!

The good news is that my friend Lisa, who is just in the process of setting up her Etsy store, will benefit. I’ll be sending her a copy of my spreadsheet to use as a template for her store if she wants.

But the next good estate sale that pops up, I’ll be there!


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