Choosing To Do The Right Thing

Photo by James Joel.

Photo by James Joel.

Was looking forward to going to a mega estate sale yesterday, but I had a restless night and woke up later than I expected to with a slight headache and eyes practically glued shut. Not good. Then I remembered that I had PROMISED co-workers that I would take care of various things that morning, which would not happen if I went to the sale. So in the end I decided do the right thing … I got the coffee brewing, threw my laptop on the kitchen table, and started working.

Of course part of me kept wondering what “treasures” I was missing out buying for my stores. The estate sale preview photos showed a ton of good stuff and it’s darn exciting heading into a full house with everything for sale. But truth be told, my own sales have been sluggish this month and I still have lots of stuff to list. I don’t need more inventory right now!

So after I dutifully finished my crucial work projects, I decided to go picking in my own house…which was fun in its own way and will have the added bonus of helping keep the house clutter free. One of the best things I decided to part with (if I don’t change my mind!) is the 1912 Heintz Art Metal Shop bronze and sterling silver humidor. It is a truly handsome, well-crafted piece. I also put together a little collection of old letters for ephemera lovers.

So all in all, it was a good day…I got work done in a timely manner and found some cool stuff in my house to sell. And I reminded myself there’s always another day…there will be other estate sales, yard sales and thrift stores to explore.

Happy hunting!


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