Time to Give Back

After a lovely coffee date with a friend (thank you Rosalie), I wandered into the little thrift store across the street from the cafe. It’s small and run by a cadre of senior citizens (mostly women) for a local nonprofit that does great work with children and families. The first thing I noticed when I entered the store was that it seemed a little bare. End-of-the-yard-sale-day bare. Hmm…this is NOT good. But I thought, maybe I can find something to buy and that would help them, so I put on my picker hat and decided to try and find a gem to resell in one of my Etsy stores.

I found a few nicer ceramic and crystal pieces, but the “As Is” tags indicated condition problems, mostly chips, and very noticeable chips at that. Oh dear. And a chipped crystal candy dish priced at $16 was not going to be of use to me.

A few of the books ready for donation.

A few of the books ready for donation.

And alas, most of the bookshelves in the back were EMPTY. I have NEVER seen that before. There have always been at LEAST 150-200 books. Not today. In the slim store offerings I knew that I didn’t need a “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” or a 2007 Hawaii travel book or any “Reader’s Digest Condensed” book.

Well, I had no luck buying anything from the store, but I got thinking that perhaps I could give something.

So I have been sorting through my personal library (doesn’t that sound impressive!) and finding books that I can part with and thinking wouldn’t it be lovely to fill up those thrift store shelves. And what about those scarves I rarely wear anymore. And maybe some of those DVDs we don’t watch and …

Well you get the idea.

So this weekend instead of buying stuff to sell, I thought it would be a good time to give…with heartfelt thanks to all those thrift store volunteers whose hours and hours of free labor mean that our donated bits can go a long way in helping those who need help.


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