A Wee Bit of Thrift Store Love

Today I decided to drop off four bags of stuff at our local Goodwill (always feels good to get rid of excess stuff!) and of course I decided to pop inside for a few minutes to do some picking. Truth be told I find thrift stores to be challenging as sources for items to resell, but I still try because you never know what you’re going to find!

I always head to the bookshelves first because…well…I love books! I did find four stellar vintage books, including “An Interrupted Life, The Diaries of Etty Hillesum” which is “the intimate journal of a young Jewish woman in Holland during the Holocaust Years.” I own a paperback version of this book and it’s a “must read.” I also found a 1936 edition of “Jack London’s Stories for Boys.” Judging by the dust jacket, the stories are a tad violent.

After perusing the books I joined other pickers who were looking over shelves of vases, glasses and what nots. There we were, so intent, trying not to get in each other’s way, turning over every bit of china to see if there was a label or trademark. Hoping to find some rare piece of Clarice Cliff, instead finding “Made in China.”

Well, not much was being snagged by any of us, but I did find a cool artisan-made ceramic creamer/syrup jug in perfect condition. Someone’s going to love this.

Here’s my wee bit of thrift store love for today:

Would love to hear about your recent thrift store finds!!



  1. I always scour the books too! The most luck we have in thrift shops is finding depression glass and vintage toys. It’s always a hit or miss but you’re right, you never know unless you look!


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