The Best and Worst of 2014

Is it just me or did 2014 zip by?  A few days ago I started reflecting on the year and from a picking and selling standpoint, it’s been a good one! I’ve put together some questions and I hope you’ll share some of your answers.

What was your best find of the year?

For me it was a high-end, Italian Casini Firenze Jennifer Tattonelli leather coat for $39.99 at Goodwill. Her leather jackets START at 1,400 euros.  I haven’t put this one online yet.

A close second is the sterling silver and turquoise belt buckle I found in a “mystery box.” Paid $8.00 for the box. I took the buckle to a jeweler who verified that it was sterling and real turquoise (probably Kingman turquoise) and he even helped me price it.


What was the worst thing you bought?

For me, where do I start?!  Probably a brown hand-decorated pitcher I bought for $8.00 that I discovered I wouldn’t be able to sell for much more than that. Gave the pitcher away. Second worst, books that looked good in the store and I later discover they had a serious condition issue.

What surprising thing sold?

I had two small birds nests I found years ago in our yard. I put them in my store for $18 and they sold in two days. 🙂 My husband is still shaking his head over this sale…but they are cute and look good on a mantel!


What thing, surprisingly, hasn’t sold?

I’ve had a sterling silver charm bracelet with some great Danecraft charms in my store for a couple of years. I know it’s reasonably priced at $105 and it’s had a lot of views and “favorites”, but it hasn’t sold. Someone offered $75, but I turned her down. I may break up the bracelet and sell the charms separately. These are all big, quality vintage silver charms that could sell for $20 to $30 each.


Best picking experience of the year

Hands down, a liquidation estate sale where I managed to nab some great jewelry that other people had passed up. I paid $25 for 7 pieces. I’ve already sold the costume pieces. The antique pocket watch was 14k gold and I sold the gold to a jeweler and just put the watch face and innards in my store. So far I’ve made about $300 from this jewelry lot with more to sell.

Worst picking experience of the year…

A liquidation estate sale that had too many people and not enough good stuff. The family who owned the house was still removing stuff from the house as 40 people waited outside the front door for the sale to begin. That was discouraging. Once the door opened, the small rooms got too crowded and people started reaching over me to grab stuff. I ended up buying $4 worth of goofy stuff: two water-damaged vintage magazines, an old hymnal and a beat up Prince Albert tin. I had waited 90 minutes to get into the sale 😦

Best thing you learned this year…

Personally I learned tons this year, but one of the best things was discovering that if I was diligent I could find good, quality things at thrift stores…and some that were even priced well!!

Okay, now it’s your turn! Would love to hear your best and worst picking moments.



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