The Books You Never Knew You Needed….

I’m always looking for great secondhand books for my online bookstore…particularly quirky, out-of-print, vintage books. (I take a pass on Krantz, Koontz and King.) And after selling 20 books last month (a big month for me!) I realized I really needed to replenish my inventory.

Thankfully hunting for books is a labor of love and lately this labor has turned up some irresistible finds. Like this one…my daughters were fairly scandalized when I bought “Damn, a Christmas book with Sex, Violence, Drugs & Fruitcake” but honestly, how could anyone resist this book?!  


And “The Love Story of Sushi & Sashimi”…in a word…adorable. The “Yachtman’s Emergency Handbook” is a perfect gift for any boater and the “Girlfriends” book?…well, that’s for me. Girlfriends, old and new, have always been a wonderful part of my life.

But one of my best finds in the last few days was the “The Idiot” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. The book is one of those posh Easton Press collectible editions bound in leather and edged in 22k gold with archival quality paper. It’s in perfect condition. Not my cup of tea, but perfect for the collector with discriminating taste and should bring in more than a few rubles!


If you’re looking for unique books for yourself, or as gifts, do visit Second Life Books and the many other bookstores on Etsy. You’ll find the books you never knew you needed!


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