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I love selling on Etsy, but because I am not an artisan selling my own products, I can only sell things 20 years or older. So I’m offering a few of my newer things for sale directly from this blog.

The fine print: I accept PAYPAL as payment. (Local pickup is an option for San Francisco Bay Area folks. Local folks also have the option of paying cash.) I do accept returns. (I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase.) You’ll receive a full refund less shipping costs. The item must be returned in the same condition within 7 days. Shipping costs are for US addresses only.

If you see something you want to buy (or you want more photos or have a question), contact me using the form at the end.

VASE #1 – Patchwork ceramic raku vase made by Laurie Sylwester, $70, plus $6 US shipping

This little vase is like a patchwork quilt, circa, 2003, with all different colors and designs around it. Laurie Sylwester, a professor of Fine Arts and Ceramics, explained to me that this was a “play piece.” The only downside is that it can’t be used to hold water.

Size approx. 3″ diameter by 3.8″ tall. No damage, though one little orange square is not perfect.

VASE #2 – Textured ceramic vase made by Martha Kean, $35, plus $10 US shipping

The vase by Martha Kean was fired in a wood-burning kiln. Love the hand-carved texture on this. This is rusty orange and grayish blue.

Size approx. 6″ tall by 5″ at widest. Heavy at 1.5 lbs. No damage.

VASE #3 – Ceramic poppy vase made by Sarah Gregory, $40, plus $10 US shipping

This small poppy triangular-shaped vase by Sarah Gregory is just too cute. Her newer work is even more stylized. Poppy design is on all three sides.

Size approx. 4.8″ tall by 2.3″ at widest. Slight crazing. No other problems. Signed on bottom.

PUMPKIN #1 – White ceramic pumpkin by Hsin-Chuen Lin. $25, plus $10 US shipping

Yes, I’m letting go of one of my beloved pumpkins.

Size approx. 4″ at widest by 4″ at stem. No damage.

BOX #1 – Teal textured ceramic box with bronze-colored ceramic lid. Artist unknown. $35, plus $10 US shipping

Size approx. 4″ at widest by 4″ at tallest. No damage.

Ready to buy?  Have a question? Just fill out the form.

Thanks for looking and as always, happy hunting!

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